The Foundation School


The Foundation High School is located in Milford, Connecticut.  The student body ranges in age from 14 to 21. Students are grouped based on academic and social functioning levels.

The high school curriculum is divided into four broad areas:  academic, vocational, career/life skills, and work-study. The focus of studies in the areas of English, Math, Reading, History, Science and Media classes as well as Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Skills and Physical Education is individualized to students’ needs. 


Vocational courses are offered in woodworking, food service and graphic arts. Career/life skills classes familiarize students with the world of work and with developing their independent living skills.

All students participate in the Work Study program that places students at job sites in the community.   Work Study supervisors provide training opportunities and help students recognize competitive employment expectations. Students seriously considering continuing their academic education beyond high school may have the opportunity to enroll in a course at a local community college or university to fulfill their Work Study requirement. 

Transitional planning is an ongoing school component.  A coordinator works with students, families, state agencies, private providers and local employers to help students acquire competitive or supported employment, job training or further education after graduation.

Students who successfully complete all graduation requirements receive a high school diploma.


The High School